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Email Marketing is a type of marketing that helps in promoting the products and services of a business. It is a marketing technique through which make customers (who are on the list) aware about launch of new product or services, discounts, or other services.

It is a way to educate the audience about your brand’s value and keep them engaged with the purchases. If someone wants to grow their brand and sell the stuff, then email marketing is an amazing and effective tool for marketing campaigns. 


Email marketing is a form of direct marketing and is quite powerful, along with digital marketing. The main role of email marketing is to engage the customers between the purchases through different email marketing tactics.

Elight Digitech considered the best email marketing company in Surat, ensures a high conversion rate and builds unique customer connections. We have a team of professionals who are designed to fulfill the requirement of clients from different sectors and industries.

We have a team of excellent curators who have designed the email marketing template which helps the business in the email campaign that targets each individual and user segment. We try to generate highly optimized ail, guaranteeing you a high opening rate, brand awareness, and high email subscription, and also help build a relationship with customers. The mail is designed with care and also keeps full transparency with our clients.  

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

1. Better customer outreach

With email marketing, a person gets better opportunity than the social media as they may get seen by more people. People will know about your post on social media only if they have subscribed to your page. But in email marketing, you will not have to be worried about that thing because you will have the email address of people, and you can send them an email and keep them updated about the products and promos,

You can send emails to thousands of users within just a few clicks. The users will read the email for free at their convenience.

2. Cost-efficient

Of course, who does not want to address this feature? You can even reach so many consumers, which is less than a penny. The cost per conversion that you have to pay is so less and helps in engaging more audience. It is so effective and available at cheap rate to maintain.

It offers you significant ROI, but make sure you make better efforts. It will also include drafting, scheduling, sending, etc., answering questions about the offers and other concerns such as updating information, adding and deleting members, and other tasks. 

3. Easy to maintain

Another reason to choose email marketing is that it helps maintain records efficiently. Whenever a person buys a product or service from you, you can lure them into providing their email address which is a great way to create the lead.

It simplifies your work by allowing greater customization and automation. With this, you can stay in contact with the people you serve and inform them of the newest goods and offers.

4. Stay in contact with the audience

Emails will allow you to keep the customers informed as it will help check the email when it is quite convenient. It will give your customers a feeling that you are in fact considering them or thinking about them. You can send an email which can be quite simple, where you can start with just greetings and tell customers how valuable they are to you.

It is a great option that one can have, which helps in boosting engagement on your website. It is a great way to interact with the audience and appeal to them to buy your products and services.  

5. Increase brand awareness

There are other platforms outside social media that aid in business exposure. But processing the customers or email address prospects means only one thing: when they show a level of interest in the business. Email marketing is an excellent way that increases the level of interest.

But this does not mean you must send daily emails to every customer. If you send daily emails, that may irritate the customers, who may hate you. That is why you can promote activeness and ignore brand awareness.  

Proven Strategies That Email Marketing Agency Use

1. Keep the subject line short

You must be sure that the email you are sending contains only high-quality material. That will depict your subject. It is crucial to ensure you write a short and appealing subject because that will tell the people about the inside content.

Email subject should be within 6-10 words because people may not read a long subject. So, next time, if you create an email, make you say more with fewer words because that will be a successful campaign.  

2. Pick the right time to send an email

Time matter! Regardless of what you are doing; you must respect time. When it comes to email campaigns, you also need to aim to improve the open and click-through rate so you can choose everything wisely. It is an excellent way to engage more audience with the content, and you should use all the tools that will help determine the right time to send an email.

One must choose the perfect time, which will depend on their business, so more people will know about your business and read the email.

3. Give away freebies

Promotional giveaways will not significantly increase the number of subscribers but can also increase income. You must consider this, like why should you give something to the customers free of charge? But this is a great way to promote your business and these are the popular tool one can choose.

If you want your email list to grow, you need to follow the rules. You will get subscribers in exchange for the freebies and will also build trust among the customers and businesses.

4. Send emails that are mobile friendly

Try sending an email that looks so good on you, but when you open it on the phone, the image will disappear because of the design. As a consequence, the subscribers will not be able to interact with subscribers, and that situation may affect the success of the campaign.

Some tips that will help the marketing strategies so subscribers will not dislike your strategy are displaying small images, using bigger font sizes, creating one-column emails, and adding a call-to-action button.

5. Try re-engaging with the inactive customers

It is essential to work hard while sending emails to engage more audiences and provide them with relevant information. If you will forget about that, you may lose a quarter roughly. The email list may decay inevitably, which will prevent a certain degree. 

You need to try hard to keep your subscribers happy and active; to do that, you should try re-engaging with them by sending emails. You can email any clients on your list who haven’t made a purchase from you in a while.

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