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Google Adwords, or Google Ads, developed by Google, is an online portal for advertisement where advertisers pay to show their business ads to get more audience and traffic to their website. A visiting link in the form of a text or an image is displayed to the user while searching by entering a few keywords related to a business or service. This online advertisement service is paid based on PPC (Pay per click). An ad will be shown in the results of a google search engine and on non-search web pages, videos, and mobile applications.

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Online advertisement will offer you a lot of benefits, such as it will help you to get the targeted audience, it will help you to make your website popular among people, and your online business will grow exponentially. You will be making a considerable profit through your business. There are various other ways to advertise your product or service, but Google Adwords will generate better results. You may pick any products, services, or brand to advertise using an Adwords account. It plays a major and significant role in online marketing and growing a business to new heights.

How does Google Adwords work?

Google Adwords is straightforward and mainly works on the principle of a Pay-Per-Click basis. At first, an advertiser opts to achieve enhanced calls for the business, direct more audience to the store, or route visitors to the website or landing pages. The impression is to focus on the selected audience who are willing to buy a product or service. When a user makes a google search by entering relevant words related to the advertiser’s service or product, your ad will be shown by google adwords in the search section.

You can control advertisement payments through different price options offered by Google. You just have to pay when someone clicks on your ads and visits your website, making this feature an intelligent financial choice. Google Ads will only direct the targeted audience to your webpage or link provided by you.

Different types of Google Ads

1. Search Ads 

Search Ads will manage and show your advertisement to several google search partners like google shopping and YouTube, along with a general google search engine. This fundamental will bring the targeted audience to your business when they search your business-related keyword on associated google platforms.

2. Display Ads 

You can run a visual-ads by opting for google display ads. People can see your visual ads after searching the related keywords on google networks, including YouTube and Gmail.

3. Video Ads 

By opting for video ads, your advertisement will be shown to users via a video promotion on YouTube and other associated platforms with google. For example, the advertiser’s ad will be played in between a playing video on YouTube. The duration of Video Ads can be from 5 seconds to 60 seconds and even more depending on the advertisement.

4. Shopping Ads 

Through shopping Ads, you can promote your web page data directly to the audience. Google will suggest relevant items depending on the user’s previous searches. It can assist you in reaching out to targeted consumers who are seeking for a certain product or service.

5. Local Search Ads 

Local search Ads will lead the selected audience of a specific region to your business web page or store. This feature will help you get a very focused audience based on your location or community. You can modify the location selection based on the location of your stores so that people in that locality feel easiness in visiting your stores by watching the online ads.

6. App Promotion Ads 

By App promotion ads, google will display your ads on several associated platforms and allow users to download your application on their mobile phones directly. You can also display a demo version of the application through such ads.

Reasons why your business requires Google Adwords 

1. Boost Traffic 

Every business organization or personality needs an audience to sell their product or service for growth. Google Adwords will help you get the targeted audience and boost traffic to your web landing page or store. The audience will be selected based on the searches they will make related to your business products or services.

2. Brand Recognition

Using Google Adwords is the simplest and most effective way to promote your brand among an active audience. Your brand name will be in the mouth of people looking for a service that your brand will be able to fulfill. Most businesses use this advertisement technique to promote their business as a brand name.

3. Increase Sales 

Sale is entirely dependent on the audience and their interest, and in the present world, it is tough to find the targeted audience to sell a product. Google Adwords will promote your product to the people looking for it and direct that group of people to your site. It will also help in increasing sales at an exponential rate.

4. Better Targeting Options

Through google ads, you will be able to identify the demand of people, and accordingly, you can run or promote your ads through google associated channels. This way, you can follow the demand and supply pattern and target your audience in a better way.

5. Better Budget Control

Many businesses spend a lot of money to promote their product, service, or brand through different channels to grow their business, but they need better money management. Google Adwords will give you a flexible payment option, such as Pay per click. You only have to pay a specific amount when a user clicks on your ad and visits your landing page. Hence, the whole advertisement concept offers better budget control. 

6. Better Results Than SEO

Google Adwords are rated higher for delivering better results and promoting business through different types of advertisement. You will get a better audience at significantly less spent for advertisement than search engine optimization (SEO).

Why Choose Elight Digitech For Google Adwords Advertising?

  •      Prioritizing Your Goals 

Elight digitech will work on your goals on your behalf of you and constantly bring the right audience to your web landing page or store. Sometimes it becomes difficult to manage ads single-handedly, so you can opt for Elight Digitech, which will do all the work of advertisement per your future goals.

  •      Done For You Services

Our service will be dedicated only to you as per your goals and business projections. You will be offered to opt for different services such as promotions, advertisements, guiding the audience, and more. They will offer a dedicated service to their customers.

  •      Best Return On Investment

Sometimes, advertisements make an economic impact on the pocket of advertisement if they need help finding the right audience to grow their business. Hence, purchasing a service from Elightdigitech is the best return on investment. You will get better active visitors and also increase sales of your product and services to people. 

  •      Saves Your Valuable Time

We all know time is money, and creating an attractive and effective advertisement will consume a lot of time. So, you can opt services of Elightdigitech which will create a compelling and potential ad for your product or service and run it through different social channels. Hence, this practice will save you time and create money.

  •      Quality Assistance 

You will be assisted with different and complete insights into your advertisement if you advertise by opting for service from us. You will know every detail of interaction and valuable insights effortlessly. Moreover, you can modify the ad as per current demand. We will offer complete quality assistance.

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