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Google Analytics is a service that offers you basic and statistics analytical tools that you can use for SEO and other marketing purposes. It is part of the Google Marketing platform and is completely free!

With Google Analytics, one could monitor the performance of a website and gather information from visitors. Basically, it is a process to analyze visitors’ behavior on a website. You can keep track, review, and even report the data to measure the activities of the web with the use of a website, including videos and images.


Elight Digitech has a team of experts with years of expertise. We specialize in increasing ROI and will ensure that your company generates more profits. It is among the leading agencies in Surat.It is a trusted marketing analytics firm, and we understand that growing web analytics is essential. It provides you with a comprehensive picture of your marketing investment.

Google Analytics can help you in several different ways, which are-

·         Make the website personalized for the users who visit it frequently.

·         Analyzing the customers’ likelihood of repurchasing a product after buying it in the past.

·         Determine which product a customer may think of buying in the future.

·         Analyze the geographical regions where most and least clients visit the website and purchase the product.

The main objective of Google or web analytics is to work as the business metric to promote a particular product to the customers who may buy it. It helps in enhancing the revenue ratio to the cost of marketing.

Along with this, Google Analytics also keeps track of the clickthrough behavior of a client, which means, that you can determine from which website the client has arrived. You can check the results of web analytics in the form of graphs, charts, and tables.

How Does Google Analytics Work?

Google Analytics collects data from different websites with the help of page tags. A JavaScript page tag is included in each page’s code, and this tag will run in the visitor’s browser, collect the data and then send that to the data collection servers of Google.

It generates customizable reports that track and visualize the data, including user number, average session duration, bounce rate, page views, session by channel, and a lot more. It works as a web bug that gathers information about visitors. 

Benefits of Google Analytics

 Google Analytics does have some benefits; some of the benefits it offers are-

·         The service you can experience is free, user-friendly, and easy to use.

·         It offers you various customizable and metrics dimensions, and many helpful insights are captured from this platform.

·         It also contains several other tools like monitoring, data visualization monitoring, predictive analysis, and more.

How Can Google Analytics Help You?

Google Analytics is the most famous analytics software available for free and allows you to have in-depth details about visitors.

It gives you helpful insight, which helps you implement the business’s success strategy. Nowadays, every business has an online presence through a website and needs to learn about the website structure.

Whether you run an informative blog or eCommerce website, it is essential to study visitor behavior because that will help deliver better results. Some of the ways through which Google Analytics can help you are-

·         Available for free

In today’s life, nothing is available for free! But when it comes to Google Analytics, you will not have to pay anything; it is a way to invest the budget in something crucial.

Moreover, it even offers you essential information, statistics, and numbers, which improve your website’s performance for free!

·         Collect data automatically

Google Analytics comes with a feature that reduces the work required to put the data of Google Analytics into Spreadsheets, Google Docs, or spreadsheets.

A person needs to set up an account with Google Analytics and copy the code on your website, which will enable Google Analytics to collect data automatically from the website and create reports. You will not have to do anything to get the data, as Google Analytics will be there to work on your behalf of you!

Plus, you will get access to the reports so easily without getting late, saving effort and giving instant access to reports. It helps in having a website’s better performance.  

·         Create customized report

Creating a customized report means you are creating a report on your own. In Google Analytics, one can choose the report they want, which builds the customized report with the used drag-and-drop interface.

·         Understand why visitors are bouncing off the website

Bounce rate is a metric that also refers to the visitors percentage who leave the website once they visit only one page. Plus, it is essential to reduce the rate, which is why many businesses witness high traffic, but there is no sufficient conversation.

It means visitors may come to your website but cannot find the product or services they are looking for, which increases the bounce rate. It calls for an instant action that helps identify the reason behind it.

The high bouncing rate may be because your website is not properly optimized or the landing page is not that attractive, making people sign up.  

·         Know about your audience

With the help of Google Analytics, one can reveal valuable information about their audience and know what drives more traffic to their website. The section on the audience can offer you a lot of information or data related to people who visit the website. The information includes age, interest, location, gender, and even devices.

The information you get is quite effective and can prove quite efficient. One can use the information in the best way possible, which helps in increasing business.

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