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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Agency In Surat

Today, our digital world keeps growing. From franchises and small companies to e-Commerce businesses, everyone is on the internet and figuring out ways to maximize different conversion paths. However, in order to expand your marketing opportunities, you may have to overcome a number of obstacles. Despite using several tools and techniques for advertising, here are some businesses that are still invisible. If you are wondering about the immediate campaign that helps in boosting returns on investment, then Pay-Per-Click advertising is a perfect choice! We are here to provide you best PPC advertising services that will help you get control over your business and increase exposure.  


Elight Digitech is one of the best PPC management companies that help in driving sales of your business with the help of paid searches. Whether you increase website traffic, increase leads, or just both, then that can only be possible with our PPC services.

You could really acquire your business goals, which will help you maximize your ROI. We even offer you different plans for advertising that you can choose from, and we guarantee you that you will not find any other service provider that is better than elight digitech in Surat.

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is the paid model that helps businesses build awareness, gain engagement from specific audiences, and promote the brand. In PPC, the advertisers will pay when a user clicks on the click via PPC ads; therefore, it is termed PPC ads.

With PPC, marketers will be allowed to place advertisements strategically on different variety of online marketing platforms. It helps in giving more exposure to their product and services.

What is the process of pay-per-click advertising?

It is a keyword-based marketing strategy. PPC Campaigns are management services such as Adwords that assign value to several different search teams and phrases that are based on the search volume. If several advertisers compete for the same keywords, then the price of the keyword will be quite high.

There are limited Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising slots on different marketing platforms, such as the homepage of Google. It means you need to battle it out so you can claim your spot in PPC. The Advertisers cannot just pay to increase the prominence of Google PPC advertisements.

Our PPC Management Services

1. Search Ads

One of the common types of PPC advertisement is search advertising. Search ads will be for those looking for your brand or industry search for your business. These are better options if you want a short sales cycle or promotions for the one-time campaign. With our pay-per-click advertisement, a business can aim to have high quality and better leads from new customers. 

2. Display Ads

The next PPC advertisement tactic you can have is Display advertising which is quite effective and reaches over 90% of the users online. The Display advertisement appears on the websites of Google’s partners and targets people who do visit the sites related to the industry.

With display advertising, you can capture the attention of online users by increasing texts and photos and convincing them to buy products and services. We suggest displaying ads to companies with luxury customers or lengthy niches.

3. Social Ads

Whenever it pertains to online social media advertising, most people are aware. You may be aware that pay-per-click marketing services are the fastest-growing sector. These services are available on social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, among others.

With this, you can reach the customers according to their networks, interest, and hobbies. This type of advertisement is suitable for brands with active social media and targeted customers.

4. Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is a great way to reach rising clients as well as double your profits. It is an advertisement for the people who have visited your website once and it will compel them to come back and convert.

Unlike search advertisements, it is cheap because the competition is less and can target customers easily.  

5. Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Advertising is also another option for an official site with a large number of products. This advertisement is displayed above and beside the Google search results, which allow the users to check the products of your business and their prices on the Google search engine result page before clicking on the main website.

It gives a high chance of converting and also assumes the target customers who have explored all the products that are offered in the ads. It is the best advertisement one can have for an e-Commerce business to reach more and more customers.                       

6. In-stream Ads

The following are in-stream ads, also known as YouTube ads. These are the Pay-Per-Click ads that appear in YouTube search rankings, video partners on the Search Network, and YouTube videos. With the help of YouTube advertisements, you can present your brand in the best way possible, which will be unique and memorable.

Even Facebook has recently launched an in-stream advertisement allowing companies to place ads in natural breaks and best slots.  

Why Choose Elight Digitech for best PPC Advertising?

  • Transparent Pricing

We, at elight digitech, believe in creating a better and strong relationship with customers, and that is why we have transparency in PPC pricing. We offer you the pricing plans which you can consider and choose the package that is the best match for you.

Here, you will learn about all services and tools that you may receive and get access to. It will allow you to know about different elements of campaigns that are underperforming. 

  • Makes Your Goals our Goals

Our clients are our priority, and we know that some services may even break the business, which is why we do not take anything lightly.

We consider your business and your goals as ours and ensure you the best services. For us, if we are happy, then only we can gain success.

  • Save Your Time

A business can train a team who will manage the PPC campaigns, but there is no doubt that it will take a lot of their time. But with our PPC management services, you will not have to do anything. We will offer you better results at the right time and with money.

We have experts who are producing excellent results continuously. The primary pitfall of PPC campaign management is that it is so easy to handle. 

  • Customization

The PPC campaign you select should align with your goals and objectives. Here at Elight digitech, we will consider each element of your business and provide you with a campaign with updated advertisement tools.  

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