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Social Media Optimization​

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the process using social media outcomes which help in advertising your brand. You can raise awareness among people through bookmarking, social news, and social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Video, and blog.

The only goal of social media optimization is to produce more website traffic and generate people’s awareness. SMO can help you connect with the viral marketing techniques known as ‘viral seeding,’ where publicity is done by the mouth of the word and with video and photo-sharing websites.

 Furthermore, it also allows your business to build a better online presence, increase traffic, and better ranking. It is an excellent way to improve blog engagement and create results from sharing content.


Best Social Media Optimization Agency In Surat

For Social Media Optimization in Surat, Elight Digitech is the best option. We are here to provide you with high-quality services so you can improve your online presence without any worry. We can help you in different ways, which are-

Skilled workers

At Elight Digitech, our team has professionals who are skilled, experienced, and experts in their field. They can handle all situations and maintain their focus. We try to deliver them the best results within a limited time. Our team understands and needs to make the pages SMO-friendly; to do so, we take all necessary measures.       


Elight Digitech provides you with cost-effective SMO services. With organized resources and software, we manage social media sites with the help of different automation tools. The solutions we provide are available at cheap prices that make it more effective.


We provide you with solutions that will save your time. Our team offers you a time-intensive SMO service that may take a lot of your time to research, optimize, and maintain.

More safety

The services which we offer are safe. We know different concepts of digital marketing. Our team knows that these optimization techniques can be risky and also undertake all the necessary safety measures. 

Automation tool

When you seek expert assistance, that will save you a great deal of time. With our automation tool, you can save your efforts by doing things on your own and getting access to the best SMO services.

Our SMO Services

1. Social Media Audits

Social media audits can be quite beneficial for your business. It will help in highlighting your weaknesses in social media strategy. With audits you can get complete information about customer’s behavior and habits.

A well-planned social audit is considered as a powerful tool which also offers you excellent insights and creates different social media strategies. We do a thorough social media audit and analyze everything with engagement rates and user behavior and also help in the growth of your business.

2. Growing Audience

Creating your profile on social media is not enough; you have to work hard so people will know about you. As a top Social Media Optimization Company, we help you with your business and build the audience via better engagement and regular posting.

Our team has better knowledge of posting on social media and aware people about your business and you. We will direct them towards your business’s product and services. 

3. Social Media Analysis

Social media analysis is a way that helps in analyzing your social media or socialize with your business. It helps you analyze the competition around the brand. We have a team of professionals with media planners, creative designers and writers, and social media directors.

They have the knowledge and will monitor your social media and provide you with information to shape your social media timeline to get better results.

4. Better Social Media Presence

Our team sets smart goals to help improve your presence on social media. Social media presence is everything to a person, and that will be possible when you identify your audience; we will help with that. Our experts know about the best techniques which help you in the growth of your social presence.

It will not only help in establishing authority but also in boosting your SEO score and engagement. With this, you can experience several opportunities for marketing and discovering the brand.

5. Tracking Improvements

Keeping track of your social media is one the crucial thing because that helps in knowing whether you have achieved your goals. You can also recognize the possible obstacles that may stand in your way and what strategies can help overcome those challenges.

We will keep track of all improvements that have been made so it makes things easy for you. Plus, it will also help in better employee activities and engagement.

6. Multi-Channel Integration

Interaction with the customer is crucial if you want to improve your business. With our services, it can be possible as we offer multi-channel integration where you can use the combination of direct and indirect communication channels.

Our clients can engage with our informative, creative, and valuable content, which will help improve engagement with your business.

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