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We all know that in this modern era, businesses are going online and one of the biggest tools they have in their hands is their website. The website helps in positioning the brand in a way that people find it valuable. If you are also a business owner who is looking to create a website then you must choose WordPress to build your website. It is by far one of the easiest website designing and development tools which people with no coding and tech experience can also use. In this blog we will be discussing the reasons why you need a website and where you can get the best done-for-you website.


We begin the website design and development process by first understanding our client’s needs, goals, and target audience. We then create custom designs to ensure that the website perfectly reflects the company’s brand and identity. We believe that great web design should be intuitive and engaging, so we strive to make the user experience as enjoyable as possible. Additionally, we make sure that the website is optimized for all browsers, devices, and platforms.

If you are looking for the best website design and development services in Surat, then look no further. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a website that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Why you need website?

  • The first way of having a website is brand awareness. The website helps you in awaring your customers about your presence and value you provide.
  • The website can help you in increasing your sales which is pretty important. You can bring your customer to your website, solve their problem and make the sale.
  • You can also use your website to spread any information that you want to provide to your customers.

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Our Web Design & Development Services

Elight Digitech is one of the best places where you can get the best website design and development services. We at Elight Digitech provide the following services which your business can enjoy.

1. Static Website

A Static website is a web page that is shown or delivered in a stationary manner as a fixed number of pages with specific layout to the user while browsing the site address. Simply, no changes are allowed to be made on such technical pages by the browsing person or even by the administrator of the web page, unless recreation is performed in terms of coding through administration authority.

Some top-class examples of static web pages are Brochure websites, one-off landing sites, read-only pages, portfolio web pages, resume web pages and other informational web addresses.

Static websites offer a diversity of advantages like high security as vulnerability is less, fast browsing with improved performance to the user, dependencies are very less on the associated system, servers and database, inexpensive in terms of cloud storage, and accessibility is simple and configuring the security system to setup to troubleshoot is easy. These are the key features that make static websites eye-catching and more secure.

2. Dynamic Website

Dynamic websites are the browsing sites consisting of large visual, audible and readable data that can be changeable among various associated pages through making an interlinking between the database server (stored data), web server (linked HTML pages) and client web server (viewing and interacting).

Some general examples of dynamic websites are blogs, calendars, E-commerce web pages like YouTube, meta, twitter, google, WordPress and many more used very commonly among people in daily life.

Additionally, dynamic websites come with a lot of advantages that attract millions of people towards them. First class client experience as browsing is highly user friendly and allows users to make changes as per their desire. Making an update on the website is smooth and easy and desired updates will follow changes on all the linked pages. Moreover, dynamic web addresses look highly futuristic and professional that involve and engage vast numbers of users for a longer time.

3. Corporate Website

A corporate website is somewhere dedicated to presenting an organization or a company to its audience rather than a small circle of the user. Such websites are used to deliver a great impression and comfort viewers that administration is a real deal. These websites can be static or dynamic in nature depending on the nature of business and needs of the authority.

Key features that a corporate website hold is that it shows a very clear purpose towards the business, holds a very simple and appealing web address, holds strong dialogue and professional branding committing on the organizational goals, navigate the user very gently to the associated pages and offers the detailed program that clear the picture in the user’s mind, these websites can be offered through laptops and mobile for access with compelling content.

A corporate website will also provide technical insights with help of google analytics and more to grow more business and to reach more clients in one go.

4. E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce websites are generally used to sell goods and services all over the internet focusing a large number of people to grow business. Such web pages are online shopping markets with multiple modes of payment by which a user can place a desired order easily. Rather than selling goods, these websites are also used to sell services like video lectures, consultations and others.

Mainly, E-Commerce websites are divided into 3 categories that are business to business (example as Alibaba, shopify etc.), business to user (example as Ajio, Amazon etc.), and user to user (example as eBay).

Benefits of having a E-commerce online portal are- it offers quick buying procedure, listing of products and services is easy and paperless, one do not have to hold inventory to show, reach to the client is very high with no limitation, advertisement and marketing is smooth to attract consumers, produce fast response on the business.

5. Shopify Website

It is a kind of online commerce portal that allows anyone to sell products to a targeted audience through various ways of advertisement. These kinds of websites work very well in a combined form of business like owning an offline store with inventory along with an online website.

Key feature of such an online portal is that the reach to the client is limitless. One can sell any legal product like physical goods (handmade or manufactured), digital products (email templates, photographs, learning courses, audios, videos, eBooks etc), consultations (life coach, meditation, yoga, dentist, doctor etc), memberships (gym, dance class), rental services (may include a physical product or a service for a specific duration), booking tickets (for events, movies, shows etc).

Advantages of shopify website are- it carries very low startup expense, support a diversity of businesses, theme and designs are vast and attractive and offer a larger market in which merchants can show and sell their product to clients.

6. Landing Page Website

Websites that take the site surfer to a specific page (after clicking) which is advertised or marketed on the landing page web page. Such online portals are specifically developed for advertising and marketing campaigns. The best daily life example of such web addresses are emails carrying a link which take the visitor to the landing page, ads shown on google, youtube, meta and on any other social media platform.

Usually, ads or the links are made attractive in such a way so that a user gets into it.

Benefits of building landing page web pages are- one can earn vast amounts of money by putting ads on their websites on rental basis.

Statistically, landing pages aim to deliver the audience to the specific page and increase the traffic and conversation for that landing page. It also helps in targeting the audience like a landing page carries shopping information on lipsticks so that it will attract a more female audience towards it. It will be beneficial to grow business among the right clients.

7. Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is an art of crafting or designing a web page in such a way that it works very efficiently and smoothly on any device with respect to device range and resolution. A well-developed responsive website will automatically adjust its looks and appearance in accordance with the device on which the site is being visited. It focuses on the resolution and size of the screen, specification of the device, operating system compatibility and orientation setting.

In today’s life, it is a general requirement to have a responsive website flexibly designed which is truly responsive to user’s command and grabs the user’s attention for a longer time. In the case of search engine optimization (SEO), it will aim to push your online portal to the topmost of the search rankings and will help out the end users to reach your web page in a smoother way with high accessibility irrespective of their device. Visitors will feel an easy surfing with more authority when it comes to responsive web pages.

8. Blog Setup

A blog or weblog is a frequently or regularly updated online portal generally used at personal level or for a concise circle of people. Moreover, blogs are interesting and often interactive inclusive of various sections, a user can move frequently between sections and are also allowed to leave their comments.

Setting up a blog is simple; a person must select a blogging platform with customizable templates with easy access. A hosting platform will be helpful in hosting to reach a targeted audience. Selection of the right topic or niche to start the blog is very crucial as people generally get involved in the latest trend going in the market followed by selection of the right and attractive name for the weblog.

9. User Experience Design

User Experience (UX) design is a very important part of crafting a website. It generally deals with the behavior of the visitor and working of the web page and will store the user’s input and helps in building the web page according to the surfer’s feedback that results in offering the better user experience. User interface and user experience are related to each other, a good balance between the two will make the website more user friendly.

However, a user experience design should offer a free hand to the user to give valuable feedback and record it properly and work timely to develop a dashboard or web page so that functioning becomes smoother and efficient. This will also help in enhancing the user interaction and hold the visitor for a longer time at the portal.

10. Website Maintenance

In the digital world of flux, bugs, viruses, it has become highly mandatory to keep your website up to date so that it can run smoothly, and your audience does not face any surfing issues. Simply, keeping a website flux free will provide a great user experience. Moreover, an owner of a website can get help from a service provider to protect the web data and function efficiently from miscellaneous attacks or jinxes.

In the protection of a website, it basically includes bug fixing, optimizing old pages, reefing the stored data, synchronizing the database with daily data and securing the data.

The benefits of website maintenance at intervals will help in smooth functioning of it. It will also help with a better user experience as the visitor will not face any kind of delay in surfing and will be able to find the latest updated data on the site. Securing the website will be beneficial at both ends with respect to the administrator and the end user for securing their personal data to prevent theft by attackers.

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